Acceptable Use Policy

In the following AUP, the terms "we" and "us" mean the Company as defined in our main terms and conditions which apply to all supplies of goods and services by us. The term "you", "user" and "users" means the Purchaser, it's agents, employees and anyone else that the Purchaser allows to use the service. The Purchasor is responsible for all actions undertaken by anyone that it allows to use the service.

Using the internet requires that certain rules are followed. These rules are not laws (which must also be obeyed), but conventions that have developed throughout the internet to ensure everything runs smoothly.

The Internet only works if the people using it co-operate to use the Internet sensibly. Some times the rules change as new exploits or problems occur in the Internet. This Acceptable Use Policy defines the main rules which are sensible to follow, but is by no means a complete list. If these rules are broken, we may suspend your access to the Internet either temporarily or permanently.

Managed Service Access

This service is designed for normal office Internet and e-mail connectivity and is optimised to provide a good quality of service to all users when used in this way. You may use it primarily for uploading and downloading data from and to Internet web-sites and offsite e-mail providers.

The standard office and WiFi service is not designed for you to run services for the benefit of off-site users or peer to peer applications (See server provision below for this). Accordingly, the following list of activities are not compatible with the service:

The above list is not exhaustive, but provides a list of practices that would always be regarded as an abuse of network resources under this service.

Notwithstanding the above, the follow are acceptable network usage:

Any other Internet usage other than normal client Internet traffic should be referred to us first if you are unclear on this part of the policy.

All users should ensure that you are aware of any laws regarding the material you are storing locally or transiting over our network links, including copyright laws. If you are breaking the law we will co-operate with the authorities, and may also disconnect your service.

The service is a shared service. This is a key part of the pricing model. You are expected to make responsible use of the service in light of the fact that it is shared with other users and your actions affect others. As such continuous transfer of data well in excess of your fair share for several days will be considered excessive use and we may request you make sensible usage to ensure no adverse affect on our users as a whole. If you do not, we may restrict or suspend your Internet service.


Whilst any applicable laws must be obeyed, we do not restrict what you say or how you use the internet. It is not a breach of our AUP for you to be sent abusing, defamatory or offensive material via email or news - this is a matter between you and the sender. As we do not provide a news service, we do not consider ourselves liable under the Defamation Act for any news postings you make or collect. Our role in such matters is (as much as the law permits) much like the post office, who do not accept liability for an abusive personal letter sent via the post. As a customer you must accept that we are carriers of information with no responsibility for its content whether stored in transit or not. If we are found to be liable for anything you do using the service, you must indemnify us in full. If you are not happy with this arrangement, then please do not take Internet service. We expect you to take responsibility for your actions. As such, abuse on the Internet is not in itself a reason for suspension of service. However abuse of the internet is unacceptable. Abuse of the Internet means anything that could affect the operation of the internet, affect the service we can offer to our customers or affect a large number of Internet users. This includes any action that could cause our internet feed to be disconnected or restricted, including breaking the acceptable use policy of our peers or causing any sanctions to be made against us. We will, wherever possibly, give you reasonable warning of any problems, and a reasonable time to rectify problems before we consider any action (such as suspension of service). In exceptional circumstances this may not be possible. If you have a machine causing problems we will expect you to resolve the problem or disconnect the machine within one hour during a working day.


Whether you use our e-mail service or not, you should use a valid e-mail address which you own on all email you send. There are no limits on email sent or received, but bulk emailing of unsolicited advertisements is not acceptable. Recent UK legislation may also affect this practice, and if you are in doubt, check with a solicitor specializing in the field. You are responsible for anything emailed from any of your machines.

Web pages

We may separately provide you with a web server if you request it, this is an extra cost option. If we provide this service to you then the following conditions apply in addition to the rest of this policy to that service.

Web pages held on our servers must not contain anything which is illegal. Any such information, including copyright material illegally copied, that is brought to our attention will be deleted. Repeated violations will result in suspension of web page service. It is also unacceptable to promote illegal activities. Note that your web pages can be read all over the world and laws vary from country to country.


Any legitimate complaint we receive will be considered and may cause suspension of your Internet access at our sole discretion. When considering a complaint, the effect on the internet and to our ability to provide services to all our customers is considered.

Suspension and Liability

As noted, we may suspend Internet access to you if abuse occurs and is not immediately rectified.

For minor issues which are not having a significant effect on other users we will simply inform you and ask you to resolve and ensure there is no repetition of the event.

If the abuse doesn't stop, or stops and then re-starts, we may terminate all Internet access from your network until you satisfy us that the matter has been dealt with and will not recur. We will only re-enable access at our sole discretion. There is no question of any refund or reduction in charges during any period of time when Internet service is suspended for abuse reasons.

For serious service impacting abuse, we may act immediately to either:

  1. Block all Internet access from your network
  2. Disable an individual computer's network connection

in order to mitigate the damage being caused by the abuse. We will normally do the latter if we believe, in our sole judgement, that this will have less impact on you than the former.

Under no circumstances will we be liable to you for any actions which we take which we reasonably believe are necessary to mitigate the effects of Internet abuse which originates from your network.

You will be liable to us for all of our costs, and agree to indemnify us in full for all third party claims which result from network abuse which originates within your network.